Together we can move mountains


Rebecca has experience with and appeared in TV commercials, photo shoots and catwalk shows. She can help showcase your brand by breaking boundaries and representing inclusivity around disability and difference.


Rebecca appeared in the reality show, Britain’s Missing Top Model. After this experience she has been pursuing a career as a TV presenter.

Rebecca’s diverse background as a model and Manchester “it” girl, and now mother, dog owner, fitness fanatic and lover of the countryside, makes her very adaptable to help you with whichever story you want to tell. Rebecca is available as a presenter for TV and corporate events.

Brand Ambassador

Rebecca has worked in marketing and communications for many years. Running VIVA in Manchester especially helped her to understand how to represent global brands. Rebecca can help you create awareness of, and endorse your product to the right target audience.

Disability Activist

Rebecca’s first passion with all her work is to help others who are struggling to accept their imperfections. Through her campaign and motivational speaking, she wants to raise awareness of disability and difference and inspire others to accept themselves and live with happiness despite their differences.