How I found my LOVE for ce:koon

The name behind ce:koon certainly explains it all. It is based on the word ‘cocoon’, which also translates as ‘protective coverings in nature’!  I am very new to prosthetic cosmetic covers and I have finally just permanently disposed of my ugly, environmentally-unfriendly, foam cover that has been a part of me, my whole life! I can’t believe that it has taken me so long and I have never felt so relieved! Thankfully, I came across ce:koon prosthetic covers and instantly fell in love with their ethos and unique style.

Markus and the team are genuinely compassionate and work exceptionally hard to deliver exactly what each amputee requires from their cover. From style, comfort and functionality. As well as, being lightweight, but extremely strong (unbreakable, compared to others available).  I am delighted to be their new Brand Ambassador helping to raise awareness for a product that I believe could be the No1 leader for stylish, quality and functional prosthetic covers currently available on the market.

Getting yourself a ce:koon cover is a really simple process. All that was required from me were my leg measurements, and you can always seek assistance from your prosthetist. Do not be put off by where you live, I am in the UK and Markus and the team are in Austria – you will receive the same level of service. Once you have decided by consultation the type of cover with your very own unique style, it will be with you, and a part of you, quicker than you think! 

Since I started wearing my ce:koon cover, I feel so much more confident. No longer do I feel ashamed of people seeing my prosthetic leg, it’s the opposite. I am now exceptionally honoured to show it off. It is part of my unique individuality, as if I proudly have a new tattoo for people to comment on and admire. I have never felt this way before with showing any other prosthetic legs!

If you are thinking about a cosmetic prosthetic cover, for more information please read the interview with Markus and the Active Amputee. It explains all that you would need to know about ce:koon. Or, alternately contact them directly for a consultation.

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