Challenging perceptions around difference and disability

Let's make change together

“Hello, I’m Rebecca Legon. Yes, that’s my name. Very funny seeing as I only have one leg isn’t it?”

Born with a rare limb deformity, in early foetal development Rebecca’s knee grew from her hip. To be fitted with a prosthetic leg correctly, she had her foot amputated when she was only eight.

There was no awareness around disability when Rebecca was growing up. She didn’t know any other disabled people, making her feel isolated and ashamed of her body from a very early age. Rebecca “hid” her disability from others, blocking any recognition of it or how it made her exceptional.

Growing inclusivity and acceptance around disability through platforms such as the Paralympics and Invictus has inspired and encouraged Rebecca to accept herself in a positive and healthy light. Rebecca is committed to showing the world through her life and the lives of her peers that being different is totally ok.

Rebecca is a mother, dog owner and fitness fanatic (including horse riding and skiing), who is passionate about wildlife and the countryside. She is always up for a challenge to inspire others to attempt the things the inner voice deems impossible.

Campaign for inclusivity around difference and disability

“I have always had a burning desire to do something positive with my life and to help people in similar situations, but until recently my confidence has stopped me.”

Through Rebecca’s work, including the brands she works with, Rebecca hopes to inspire others to accept their imperfections and who they truly are. Rebecca is leading a campaign around the importance of educating the world, especially young people, that everybody is different and that there is nothing wrong with that.

Rebecca is determined that children grow up better educated on disability and surrounded by people who are disabled or different. She believes this will help to make them become more worldly adults who can lead us into a vibrant, accepting society that embraces difference.