Brand Ambassador, Disability Activist, Model, Presenter

Accepting Difference Together

I’m passionate about challenging misconceptions around disability and difference. Any difference. I want to help lead people into a vibrant future that embraces a healthy mental attitude towards diversity. Take a step forward with me and together we can encourage acceptance.

Brand Ambassador

Ce:koon Prosthetic Covers

Rebecca is delighted to be the new brand ambassador for ce:koon. As an amputee she understands that confidence is inextricably linked to having an attractive prosthetic leg. ce:koon prosthetic covers are expertly customised to fit each person’s unique style. Ce:koon works with the very best materials and prosthetists in the industry to ensure its product is always first class.

Amputation Foundation

Rebecca is proud to support the Amputation Foundation, a first touchpoint for amputees, their associates, and hospital professionals to obtain immediate and impartial support from other amputees and support organisations. The Amputation Foundation is in close contact with all support networks and groups around the UK to ensure all amputees have direct advice, information, and support about living with their disability.

VIVA Lifestyle Magazine

Rebecca Legon created the VIVA brand with her friend Emma Wilkinson a decade ago. It still remains one of Manchester’s most renowned publications. VIVA covers all that cosmopolitan Manchester has to offer from celebrity gossip to trendy establishments, fashion, travel, cuisine and more.


Rebecca has been involved in many shoots that showcase beauty in the face of adversity. She feels honoured to be a part of a growing trend in top brands challenging perceptions around disability and difference, including mental health issues associated with being, or feeling different.

These brands are starting to realise that there is a huge gap in a market that many people relate to, and how vital it is to show inclusivity.